Tips for Writers and Editors

Posted: December 18th, 2013, 2:39 pm   By: brittany.corners

Whether you write or edit for CrowdSource, are a newbie or an experienced worker, guidance is invaluable in improving the quality of your work. Keep these tips in mind, and you are sure to excel at both writing and editing.

Tips for both writers and editors

Carefully read and follow HIT instructions. Learn the style guide well; refer back to it. Read the CrowdSource blogs. Proofread your work carefully – more than once if necessary. Use a spell checker. Know how to avoid the errors of using “be” verbs, future tense “will” and switching the grammatical person – all previously addressed in excellent blog posts. Create an account on, and follow the thread for CrowdSource. Start or join conversations with fellow workers, too. Ask questions if you have them – the only silly questions are those you do not ask.

Tips for writers

Research with a Google search before you write. Include examples. Stay focused. Vary how sentences start to improve readability. If a subject or keyword confuses you or is unclear, return the HIT; grab the next one available. Do not take editor feedback personally; it is meant to help you improve in areas you may have struggled on a particular HIT. Apply and learn from editor feedback.

Tips for editors

Edit slowly. Consider editing each piece twice. Check once for flow and general grammar; check a second time for style guide issues. Leave constructive feedback. Use the keyword/article title in the feedback to help writers. When you first start, return a HIT if it seems overwhelming. When a rewrite is necessary, leave a message for CrowdSource. Give kudos for only well-written and virtually-perfect pieces.

Commit these tips to memory to improve your writing and editing and grow more efficient. Good luck!