How the Amazon Payment System Works

Posted: December 16th, 2013, 3:19 pm   By: brittany.corners

Working from home has its perks; you get to sit on your couch or favorite comfy chair and make money. You cannot beat that. The amounts may not be huge, but if you look at the dollar per minute; it is pretty good money. Amazon Mechanical Turk payment system provides both reliability and security. Amazon is such a trustworthy name, so it makes the online payment aspect of it a little less scary. However, if you are not already a Mechanical Turk worker, coming in from the outside has a couple of unknown delays.

If you apply to work, write and edit with and CrowdSource, you are accepted with open arms and may begin working almost immediately. Your job as a worker is to ensure you go onto and create your worker ID. Once you submit that to CrowdSource, you are eligible for payment. The associates at CrowdSource provide nothing less than amazing customer service with prompt and honest replies. They approve your work and submit payment in a timely fashion. After you create your worker ID on Mturk, you must go onto and set up your bank information. After doing this, your portion of the setup is complete. However, due to the processing time and procedures laid out by Amazon Payments, you may not have access to that earned money right away.

Once CrowdSource approves your work, they submit the appropriate payment amount to Amazon Payments. If you are entering the Mturk world from the outside, you will learn that there is a 10-day waiting period. Fortunately, the Mturk customer service is also stellar. Mturk places a mandatory hold on earnings and transfers for the first 10 days. Once you have submitted HITs for 10 days (these days are determined by your work submittal dashboard on Mturk), the hold is lifted. So, your work is marked as submitted and pending. Once CrowdSource approves it, it is listed as approved and payment-pending. From the time CrowdSource approves it and submits its payment, Mturk has a 24-48 hour turn-around time to transfer it to the Amazon Payments account. When the transfer is complete, the HIT status changes from pending to paid. At this time you can see the balance for these payments on your Amazon Payments page.

At this time, you can transfer the funds from your Amazon Payments account to your bank account, or wherever you have the money allotted. This procedure process and delay is on the side of the Mturk and Amazon Payments side. CrowdSource remains prompt and helpful on its side. The good news is, once you get past that initial 10-day delay period, all of the payment processes run rather smoothly. Working for CrowdSource and Mturk is an excellent and rewarding job.