How To Balance Work and School

Posted: December 8th, 2013, 10:17 pm   By: brittany.corners

Between all-nighters studying for exams, a steady stream of assignments and the occasional night out with friends, if you are a college student, finding the time to work feels impossible. Whether you need money to support yourself, pay for your education or cover personal expenses, earning money is often important. Your time management skills are put to the test when you need to work during college. With, you can effectively balance your time between work and school.

Work at your own pace

The key to balancing school and work is finding a flexible employer. With, you can set your own hours and work pace. Never worry about calling in sick if you did not get enough time to study before a test. If something comes up, you can always log into EnglishMajor at a more convenient time.

Do you have time to kill in between classes? You do not have to worry about changing into your uniform and driving to work with that extra hour. After you create your profile, log in at any time of the day, including the time as you wait for lecture to begin, the 2-hour break between classes or during your pre-determined work hours.

Gain valuable experience

EnglishMajor is more than a paycheck. While earning money is often necessary, gaining experience is also vital in college. You are likely to seek out a job relevant to your degree when school is through. Future employers look for college grads with experience pertaining to their respective fields.

You are not just earning a paycheck waiting tables and washing dishes. The work you complete with EnglishMajor gives you invaluable experience that fits your intended degree. Write or edit articles, create product descriptions, answer questions, translate material, create travel guides and more. You can include completed tasks on your resume, making you more desirable to employers.

Working while attending college might not seem easy, but it is possible. gives you the flexibility to earn money at your own convenience while gaining valuable experience. Learn more about the benefits of here and start managing your college life.