Top 5 Jobs for English Majors

Posted: November 18th, 2013, 11:54 pm   By: brittany.corners

Every year a new crop of college graduates leave the halls of academia and enters the job market. For the math and science majors, job opportunities abound in fields such as engineering and medicine. However, all is not lost for those whose love of the written word led them to major in English. Take time to learn about the top 5 jobs for English majors as you enter the working world after graduation.

Technical writer

Technical writers communicate scientific, legal or technological information to a specialized and highly trained audience. English majors can put their writing skills to good use in the field of technical writing, particularly if they have taken technical writing or advanced writing courses along with their creative writing classes.

Public Relations or Marketing specialist

English majors can apply their talent with the written and spoken word to work in the fields of public relations and marketing. Companies, public agencies and non-profit entities use the services of public relations specialists and marketing specialists to communicate their messages to the public and to brand their products.


English majors can often find work in elementary and secondary education as teachers to the youth of our nation. To teach on a post-secondary level, however, English majors will have to obtain graduate level degrees in education.


English majors can put their love of the language and their research skills to work by pursuing careers as librarians. No longer the home to only books, today’s libraries demand technical proficiency and excellent research abilities. Getting an advanced degree in Library Sciences is necessary to hold the official title of librarian.

By applying the information in this article, English majors can embark on their career search with confidence, knowing that their education offers the versatility needed in today’s economy. With a little effort, they should be well on their way to applying their talents in a variety of career fields.