Career Choices for English Majors

Posted: November 14th, 2013, 11:52 pm   By: brittany.corners

Bachelors degrees in English are popular with many undergraduates. One reason English is such a common major is that it can lead to several different fields of employment. This article will discuss a few of the top careers for English majors.

Teaching is the top career

A high percentage of English majors will end up as teachers. Since English majors perfect their spelling and grammar as undergraduates, they are a perfect choice for teaching. Most states offer a teaching credential program that anyone can enroll in at any time; English majors are a great fit for this program because they spent their undergraduate career focused on one of the central secondary school subjects.

Writing as a career

Many English majors will also find job as writers. Writing is a natural career path because all English majors have experience writing papers and proofing text. Many people who majored in English will become editors, publishers, or journalists for the same reasons. A writing career may be the easiest transition for English majors.

Going to graduate school

English majors also often go on to graduate and law school. Many students who concentrate in English tend to be more academically gifted, so they often want to continue learning at a higher level. A graduate degree is a prerequisite for teaching at the college level, something some English majors aspire to do.

English majors are not limited to any one career, although teaching is a very popular option. Many English majors choose to continue writing and turn that into a career, while some go on further education before deciding on a job. Others work in fields that are not directly related to writing or literature.